Itc 308 stuck on heating position

I’ve got an itc 308 who was working great until today. The heating socket is always providing power even when it’s on cooling mode.
Is there a solution or is it material damage ?

Please check whether the heater power is within the range of 100V-240V, 10A?
Please test:

  1. Unplug/power off the controller
  2. Press the ‘SET’ button
  3. Plug in/power on the controller, then release the ‘SET’ button
    It will enter test mode, press the “down” button. It will turn on the cooling outlet and cooling indicator, is the heater turned on?

This method can check if there is a problem with the heating socket.
If the heating output still turns on, please provide your order information and specific problem description to email for after-sales service.