ITC-308 wifi heat always on

I have about 6 of these controller’s, 3 in use and 3 backups. All of my backup units and one of my active units now suffer from the following issue:

Basically the heating plug never deactivates. When the target temp is reached the cooling indicator comes on and there is power to the cooling plug, however the heating plug remains powered as well.

Considering I now have 4 units with the exact same problem, I am going to guess this is an ongoing hardware defect. I have seen several other posts on this issue. I like the easy of use and the inkbird app, but I cannot justify buying more of these units when each one I buy ends up developing the same issue. What are my options?

It is rare for 4 units to have problems at the same time. if it is possible, please contact via email for after-sales service.
Please provide the following information in the email:

  1. Heater power and voltage
  2. Setting values of ITC-308-WIFI
  3. A video shows that the ITC-308-WIFI cooling indicator light is on, but the heating output is still working.
  4. Order information
    Thank you very much.

They didn’t all die at the same time. I just have 4 that have died over the last couple years. All with the same issue. An issue which is clearly a problem because of the many posts in your forums for the same issue.

Could you please provide the information I mentioned earlier and send it to
Please understand that this information can help to better analyse the problem.

Did you get an answer from them…?? there isn’t a lot for them to understand here, Seem like these units are breaking left and right

They asked me to send over information I didnt have time to gather. I love the unit but they break in exactly the same way for lots of people and rather than continue to ask for data to be sent in they should be asking for my address to send me replacement units.