Inkbird ITC-308 WiFi stopped working

I bought my Inkbird ITC-308 WiFi and at the first two weeks it worked properly but yesterday (3rd week) is not working, it doesn’t turn on my cooler compressor. I checked my cooler by plug it direct to the power and it worked but with Inkbird is not working

In the image the cooling light it’s on but the compressor is not working, what’s happening? I bought it on Amazon in March

Could you please let me know the voltage and watt of the cooler?
If plug the cooler into the wall socket without ITC-308WIFI, can it work properly?
Does the cooler have a built-in thermostat?
Please make sure the cooler can remain on and does not need to be turned on manually after re-powering.

110V - 483W
Yes, the cooler work properly plugged to the wall socket
Yes, it has a thermostat
The cooler doesn’t need to be turned on manually, if it’s plugged to the power it works fine

The thing is that the cooler worked properly for two weeks with the inkbird, now it’s not working, the only set up was made in the very beginning, nothing else changed after

Please test:

  1. Please keep the cooler plugged into the cooling socket. Please unplug the power plug of ITC-308WIFI.
  2. Please press and hold the SET button. Please insert the power plug of ITC-308WIFI to power it up. Then release the SET button. It will enter test mode.
  3. Please press the down button within 2 seconds, (If the test mode waits too long, it will return to the normal mode). The cooling indicator of ITC-308WIFI will be on. Will the cooler work?
    If the cooler still does not work, please contact for after-sales.