$72.00 combo inkbird controller itc-308 and hc-200

Is this combo WIFI capable ? The last one I have I can’t add device. I 've try and try for several times to add devices and it failed. Finally I called amazon and they send me another one, and they told me the first one is defective. I haven’t try the WIFI. Thats why I am asking the question if this Combo ITC-308 and HC-200 is WIFI capable.

Could you please provide your purchase link?
If there is no WIFI logo on the left side of the screen PV, and the WIFI function is not written in the manual, it has no WIFI function.

Since I do not have a purchase link,
I am enclosing my proof of purchase
in the attachments.

Thank you.
Juanito Cuico

(Attachment PROOF OF PURCHASE - PAGE 1.pdf is missing)

(Attachment PROOF OF PURCHASE - PAGE 2.pdf is missing)

Sorry because the forum is public, I have edited and deleted the content related to your privacy.
The pdf. attachment is automatically deleted by the system, I cannot see the specific information. Maybe you can email to support@inkbird.com.
Or maybe you can provide the sales link/page of Amazon where you bought it? I will check its information.