Q: ITC-308WIFI turns on/off the heating/cooling equipment at TS±0.1

Q: ITC-308WIFI turns on/off the heating/cooling equipment at TS±0.1. The Cooling Difference Value and Heating Difference Value seem not to be working, nor is the Compressor Delay Time setting. For example, I have both the Cooling and Heating differences set to 3F, and yet if the measured temperature is even 0.1F above or below the Temperature Set Value, the controller begins to try to cool or heat. I know that this is not how it is supposed to function, as I also own and use a standard ITC-308 as well. Also, even though I have the Compressor Delay set to 10 minutes, it immediately turns the cooling on when it is above the set point, it does not factor in a delay at all.

A: Can you check the ITC-308 WIFI(not on application) to see if the settings are saved successfully?

Please note that if you set a TS value, the controller will immediately try to get to that temperature for the first time(regardless of whether it is only +/-0.1 of the TS value), after reaching the temperature, it will follow the settings you have made.

I too have experienced these issues. When the device first is plugged in it uses its factory settings for a second before then loading the user defined settings. For this reason the heater turns on when it should not be but at that point it will not stop until it gets to TS again. So what I did is manually adjust it the TS to the thermometers reading to get it to go away than set it back. That works but after checking it later the heater was on when it should not of. I suspect that this could happen in relation to wifi disconnecting. When that happens it resets and or synchronizes with the app and then repeats turning on the heater before user settings are fully loaded again.

Please understand that ITC-308-WIFI has a special mode.
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