Wifi ITC-308 not honoring differences values

Hello, for some reason my itc 308 isn’t honoring the cooling or heating difference values. No matter what I set them to it either goes to heating or cooling with a .1 degree difference. I tried setting it with the app, which doesn’t reflect on the controller most times unless I reboot it and tried setting it from the device which doesn’t reflect in the app unless I restart the app. Anyone know what’s going on? Thanks!

Please refer to:

Hi Tania, thanks so much for that explanation. So if I understand correctly, if you adjust the SV it will go into special mode until it reaches that setting. That makes sense. I did adjust it and that’s when I noticed it. Then I tried moving it the other way to correct it and cooling came on. It reached its SV overnight and seems to be operating normal now. I must have missed that part of the manual.