IT-308 Wifi - Temp Control problem in greenhouse

Hi -

I’m using an IT-308 Wifi to control temperature in my greenhouse. I have a heater plugged into heating and a fan plugged into cooling.

I’m trying to have an optimal temp of 70 degrees, and I don’t want the heat to kick in until it gets 20 degrees below that (so 50) and I don’t want the fan to come on until it gets 10 degrees above (so 80).

I have the temp set at 70 and the HD set at 20 and the CD set at 10. And yet, the minute the temp drops below 70, the heat comes on, and the minute it goes above 70 the fan comes on. So unless the temp is exactly 70, the heat or fan is always on, and that’s not what I want. What am I doing wrong? Am I misunderstanding the settings?


Please note that the ITC-308WIFI has a special temperature mode.
The trigger conditions for the special temperature mode are:

Enter the setting mode through the SET key then exit.
Enter the setting mode through the app then exit.

In the special temperature mode, ITC-308WIFI will ignore the settings of HD (Heating hysteresis temperature) and CD (Cooling back temperature) and turn on the heating/cooling output. It will not enter the normal mode until the temperature reaches the SV target temperature.

Please refer to this post:

This is really helpful, thank you. But how to you get OUT of the special mode and back to normal mode?


When the temperature reaches the SV target temperature, it will automatically get out of the special mode and back to normal mode.
During this period, please do not enter the setting mode. Otherwise, it will trigger the special mode again.

So every time you go into the settings, whether on the app or the device, it deactivates all the settings until the set point is reached?

Are you tracking a fix for this? How often do you release firmware updates?

Sorry, this is a mode specific to ITC-308-WIFI.
This function is mentioned in the manual. It can be used to quickly detect whether the target temperature can be reached.