Itc 308 wifi power outage

itc 308 wifi reverts back to original settings on a power outage…Is there no internal memory/back up battery to keep settings that have been selected?

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The ITC-308-WIFI will save the previous settings after a power failure.
Is it possible to provide a video showing this issue to

@Tania I second this problem. It has happened to me two or three times in the last month, most recently today. I have it running a heater in my cold greenhouse with a set point of 36F. I’ve gone out to the greenhouse after a power outage has occurred and found the controller set at 77f and my heater running. Luckily I have my ventilation controlled independently but really not happy about the idea of my heater running needlessly for hours due to unreliable controller.
I swear one of the times it changed my heating difference number too, though it appears that did not change after todays outage.
I’ll try to make a video tomorrow to send in.

May I know when you purchased it?
Please send the video to
Please make sure that no water has entered the body of the ITC-308-WIFI.
Is the power (watt) of the heater and the cooler in the range of the ITC-308-WIFI?

Just sent the video along with the following info:
Trying to replicate this problem it didn’t happen every time. Took 5 or 6 tries.
The greenhouse has been at 100% humidity most of the winter but I water with a watering can and it is mounted above plant height so there should not have been any direct water ingress.
The heating output voltage of the controller is used to activate a contactor which in turn powers the heater so power draw thru the inkbird is low. My cooling is operated thru a mechanical line voltage thermostat so nothing is plugged in to the cooling outlet of the inkbird.
Purchased 11/14/22 on Amazon.

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I have also been seeing this issue sporadically and it caused me to lose a lot of product over the weekend. What was the result of the testing inkbird issue?