ITC-308 WIFI Controller both HEAT & COOL are stuck in the "On" postion

I just noticed my ITC-308 WIFI Temp controller wasn’t working correctly when I noticed the heater it controls was always in the “On” postion regardless of what the controller was doing. I tried plugging in the heater to the “Cool” power point on the controller and also discovered this power point was also stuck in the on position. I have had this temp controller for a few years and it’s always been used.
Can this fault be fixed or am I looking at another temp controller?



Could you please let me know the voltage and watt of the heater?


  1. Unplug/power off the controller
  2. Press the SET button
  3. Plug in/power on the controller, then release the SET button
  4. It will enter test mode, please press the “down” button. It will turn on the cooling outlet and cooling indicator, is the heater turned on?

This method can check if there is a problem with the heating outlet.

If the heater will turn on, please send an email with this link of post and order details to