Why does Inkbird Sous Vide 200 temp reading increase 100F when turned off

When I turn off the SV (still plugged in) after a few minutes it increases current temp by 100 degrees. For example if I turn it off at 103 and go back in a few minutes it will show 194 (setting is still 103) then I turn it on and the temp continues to increase to 199 then switches to 99 then starts increasing to the set temp. It does this every time, is this normal?

Is the ISV-200W the only one in the container for heating? If you use container made of other materials for testing, is the situation the same?
This can help us rule out whether the temperature rise is caused by the container insulation after the water circulation stops.
When the ISV-200W is turned off, is there a thermometer to test the water temperature? Is the actual water temperature 199?
This can help us better check whether the ISV-200W reading is wrong or abnormal heating.

Hi, I could have the model number wrong. No container, I am using an enamel stock pot. The water was tested with two other temp gauges. iI have a video showing how it is functioning but it wont allow upload

May I know if have a pc plastic tub or container to test?
Please search for ‘sous vide container’ on Amazon for reference.
The pot in the picture looks like it has a heat retention effect, which may cause the temperature to continue to rise. At present, please understand we cannot rule out whether the material of the pot causes the temperature change.

The temp is not continuing to rise as indicated on the app and two other devices. The temp is actually going down as the device is turned off so it is unable to rise. The reading is faulty on the device but reads correctly on the app

The ISV-100W has 1-year warranty.
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