Sous Vide Issues

I’m trying to setup a new 1000w Sous Vide unit. Using the manual method without the phone controller.
When I enter my desired temperature in Degrees F (142) and set the timer to 2.5 hours, the temperature goes back to 122 degrees and the countdown timer goes to 97 hours

Ideas anyone ?

Just to update. I installed the standard mobile app and can now control the unit. Had attempted to use the pro version, but it would not connect to my wifi. on installing the standard app, the sous vide unit appeared, and upon clicking on it connected without changing anything.,

Do you mean ISV-100W can connect to Inkbird smat app, but not to Inkbird pro app? When connecting the Inkbird pro app, did you delete the ISV-100W on the Inkbird smart app?
If you log into your Inkbird smart account in Inkbird pro, will it show ISV-100W?

Sorry Tania, you have it backwards. I installed the pro app first, and it wouldn’t connect. I then installed the smart app and evidently they both use the same storage, as what I had configured in the pro app, appeared in the smart app, and it then started working without modification. What does concern me though is the fact that I can’t set the unit outside of the app.

Sorry for the mistake :cry:.
May I know when setting the unit manually by pressing the buttons, have you long pressed the set button to save the settings?
If possible, please provide a video of how you set up the ISV-100W and send it to This can help us analyze whether it is an operational issue or a product issue.
Thank you.