Count down on the application does not work

The countdown in the application does not make progress, as expected. It looks like it progresses by a few seconds in a few minutes.

May I know the product model?

Same problem here.
It heats up, then when I set a timer thorigh the inkbird app, it says it is cooking but the timer won’t progress (or at 1 second per minute or so)

Nevermind, I see the timer is HH:mm, makes sense now :smiley:

It’s ISV-200W model.

Please understand that the countdown of ISV-200W will not work until the temperature reaches the target temperature. If the temperature is lower or higher than the target temperature, it will pause the timing.

That’s absolutely clear. I’ve been using the tool for about 6 months, so I know that.

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the INKBIRD app. ISV-200W stays connected to WIFI.
Could you please provide your country, phone model, and problem video to email Engineers will check it.