ISV-200W screen does not light up

I am unable to read the Temperature setting and other icons on my Inkbird ISV-200w. See picture attached. Since I can’t read the numbers, I am unable to set anything. Does anyone else have this problem??

May I ask if this is your first time using it?
Does it work if you restart the ISV-200W, or press the screen of the ISV-200W?
Please make sure that the black part of the ISV-200W is not touching water.
If it still has problems, please provide the order information and problem description to email for after-sales service.

Yes I have this same problem. Used the sound vide about 6 times and then this. Contacted customer service and they offered 50% refund (I paid $60 after a $30 off coupon) but somehow their math gave me $14 back. Decided to chalk it up to buyer beware - I had an anovo for many years that I used many times that finally broke (I think it was dropped) so I cheaped out and replaced it with this. Lesson learned

I bought it from Amazon over a year ago and only used it 5-6 times. I never dropped mine…the screen just died. I don’t think I will buy another Inkbird again. I was hoping that I could to a factory reset or something…and get it working again.

Let’s say I used it 6 times…it cost me $90 (after using $30 discount coupon)…basically cost me $15 per use. Total piece of garbage.

I communicated with the relevant personnel.
Please understand that your product has exceeded the warranty period, considering your special situation, they hope to minimize your losses, so they applied for a partial refund for you.
Maybe there was a misunderstanding during the communication. Their original intention was to refund 50% of the original price of $87.99, which is equivalent to paying $43.99 to buy ISV-200W. Due to the discount, the price of your order product is $57.19. $57.19-$43.99=$13.2.
Products are tested before leaving the factory. Engineers will pay attention to these issues and optimize the product as much as possible.