Q&A: ISV-100W/ISV-200W troubleshooting

The black part on the top of ISV-100W/ ISV-200W is not waterproof, please pay attention to avoid water/moisture ingress when using it.

ISV-100W/ ISV-200W has a voltage range limitation. The US version is only limited to AC 120V 60Hz power supply voltage.
EU/UK/AU version can use AC 220~240V, 50Hz power supply voltage.
If there is a trip/device that won’t turn on, please check if the voltage is correct.


  1. ISV-100W/ ISV-200W displays E1, which means that the temperature probe is malfunctioning.
    Please unplug the device, place it in a dry environment to dry, and then plug in the power plug to test. Can the device display correct readings?
    If not, please provide a photo of the problem and contact support@inkbird.com via email.

  2. ISV-100W/ ISV-200W displays E2, which means there is a problem with the water level probe.
    Please note that the water has reached above the MIN watermark. Please disassemble the stainless steel cylinder according to the unlock sign of the body, and put the heating tube into the container (please note that the black part of the device does not touch the water), will it trigger E2 alarm?
    If yes, please provide photos of the problem and contact support@inkbird.com via email.

  3. ISV-200W displays E3, which means that the device has triggered dry burn protection.
    When the heating tube exceeds 100C/212F, it will stop heating and trigger the E3 alarm. Please put the product indoors to cool down.

  4. If the temperature of ISV-100W/200W fluctuates greatly, please check whether the water circulation at the bottom is working. If the water circulation does not work, please gently remove the plastic bottom cover at the bottom and check whether the screws of the water blade are loose/whether the shaft of the water blade is offset and touches the stainless steel cylinder.
    If the screw is loose, please tighten the screw.
    If the water blade axis is offset and touches the stainless steel cylinder, please try to push it so that it does not touch the stainless steel cylinder. It is normal for the water blade axis to slightly deviate but not touch the stainless steel cylinder.
    If there is no problem with water circulation, please check whether ISV-100W/200W is placed in a place with high air flow/lower ambient temperature?
    Please understand that the ambient temperature/container material may affect the heating function of ISV-100W/200W. Please put it indoors and use a different container to test.

  5. If ISV-100W/ 200W will not heat up, please check if the water capacity is too large.
    The maximum limit of ISV-100W/200W water capacity is 15L. If the limit is exceeded, it may cause slow heating. If it is within the range, please set the target temperature to a different value for testing.
    If it still fails to heat up, please provide the problem video and contact support@inkbird.com via email