ISV-200W not going over 130degrees no matter what I do

I just bought the ISV-200W sous vide off Amazon and was excited to use it on pork ribs. Set the unit to 165 degrees and off it went. 12 hours later I check the meat and it’s still tough. Check the temperature with my temperature probe and it reads 125 degrees. I’ve tried calibrating it many times and the unit would not get the temperature above 130. I’ve tried another temperature probe (thermopro) and it’s the same results. I took the bottom clear cap off to check for any blockages. Any other ideas or is this a defect?
I’m assuming having the pork ribs at 125-130 degrees for 12 hours is now a bacterial bag of meat? $60 wasted.

Is the water circulation at the bottom of the ISV-200W running when it is working?
What is the volume of water you are using?
Please note that the maximum water capacity supported by the ISV-200W is 15L.
Also, if it is working in a very ventilated environment, it is possible that the heat is dissipated too quickly the heat cannot rise.

I just pulled the clear cap off and the rotor fan is not running.
I was using a pot that holds 8 quarts of water.
This was being used in a kitchen well ventilated with air conditioner on. I bought this in America and brought it with me to Taiwan. Never used before until now.

Please check whether the screws of the water blade are loose/ whether the shaft of the water blade is offset and touches the stainless steel cylinder?
If no, could you please provide a video of the water circulation can not work and ISV-200W order informiation to, my colleague will provide after sales service.

If I take the device out of the water, won’t the fan turn off? How to take video?

Please turn off the power of ISV-200W and then take out the ISC-200W. Please gently remove the plastic bottom cover at the bottom and check whether the screws of the water blade are loose/whether the shaft of the water blade is offset and touches the stainless steel cylinder.
If the screws and water blade shaft are no problems, please reinstall the plastic bottom cover and put the ISV-200W back into the water. Please take a video to show that the water circulation will not work and ISV-200W will not heat up when it is powered on and running.

All screws are fine. Fan rotor is spinning. See below for video.

I don’t think it’s heating the water anymore. It was before.

I sent my order information to

I have sent the details to my colleague who will communicate with you via email about the after-sales process.

Just curious if/how this issue was settled? Were you able to correct the problem or was the unit replaced? Thanks!

Unit was replaced. Thank you. Excellent support.

Good, glad to hear it! Yes, it appears that Inkbird has good support and is truly interested in having a satisfied customer base.