Inkbird Sous Vide ISV-100W

I bought this sous vide off Amazon in January. Love the product and use it quite often. Lately, I have had some issues with the unit turning on and then turning off after a few seconds or sometimes minutes. I have cleaned the unit, by removing the plastic cap and then removing the metal sleeve. I got it running a few times, but the problem seems to just get worse and worse.
I have read other posts that to tighten some screws and make sure the proppler has proper clearance. I have check these things but it still does not want to stay on. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Now after looking at it again, it looks to me like it is missing one of the screws up top.

Not sure if I am uploading the picture correctly.

The screw positions in the picture are normal. It is not missing a screw.
Please check if there is water in the top black part of ISV-100W? Please note that it is not waterproof.
If you dry it out and test it by plugging it into another power outlet, will it have the problem?
If yes, please email to with order information and a video of the problem.

Got it. So how do I check if there is water internally? How do I open the plastic cover to check?

Please leave it in a dry environment for 1-2 days.
It has a lot of accessories inside the black part of the top, it is not recommended to take it apart.

It seems I can get it working again, if I take the metal sleeve off and clean the coil and temp probs. Then if it is extra finicky I have to run it without the plastic cap on the end.

Running it without the plastic cap on the end suggests to me an interference issue, but I have checked if there is rubbing but I can not see anything. The only other thing I can think of is that the tolerances are so tight that maybe the shaft is slightly not straight and getting too close to the plastic cap while it is on. Thank you for all the help!

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Now it is back to quitting again randomly. It is dry and was working for an hour or so, and then the red light came on and stopped. I tried to reset it, but it then again stops.

Is there a process to send it in? Thank you for all the help!

Please email to with the order information and the link of this post, my colleagues will provide after-sales service.