What is the purpose of multiple APPS for the Inkbird sous vides

I have the Inkbird ISV-100W and the ISV-200W sous vide machines. There are at least four applications in the Android Play Store for the Inkbird sous vides. When I contacted Inkbird support, they said to just use the standard INKBIRD app. Can someone please explain the purpose for and when one might wish to use the other apps?


The INKBIRD app is the latest app based on the INKBIRD PRO, INKBIRD SMART and INKBIRD PLUS.
They can be used as a back-up app.
If there is a temporary problem with one of the apps, another app that is compatible with the product model can be used as a replacement.

Thank you for your response.

It sure seems strange that Inkbird would offer their apps in this manner; I’ve never seen anything like it before. Perhaps if they just concentrated on providing a good, solid app, the need for cryptically named “backups” would not exist, therefore, confusing customers.

Thanks, again.

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