Three Different Apps... All supported?

I’ve been using 2 apps to this point ‘Inkbird Smart’ and ‘Inkbird Pro’. Inkbird Smart let me add an image of my appliance, while Inkbird Pro gave me data logging ability.

Now both seem to do neither.

I see a new app, ‘Inkbird’… When I connect via my account, I don’t see my Inkbird devices… Can I get some clarification on the difference between these apps please? I have 8 devices, with the need to continue adding, but would like a single app to manage everything.

Screenshots for differences thank you.

The INKBIRD app is an upgrade based on the Inkbird pro app and the Inkbird smart app. Please reconnect your device to the INKBIRD app as their data is not interoperable.
It will be used as the only app.
Inkbird smart app has been discontinued and taken offline, and the Inkbird pro app will also be discontinued and taken offline. However their original functions can continue to be used.

Thank you.
What is the process for removing my devices from the current app/account?

Please go through Inkbird pro app, click on the corresponding device, click the more icon in the upper right corner, please delete the device.
Please reset the WIFI function of the device. For example, if you are using the ITC-308-WIFI, please long press its up button, its WIFI indicator will flash and the WIFI function will be reset.
Please reconnect the device to the INKBIRD app.