App Not Support BLE Device


I recently picked up the wireless version of the Inkibird (ITC-308-WIFI) since the other non wireless one crapped out on me. I was able to successfully add the device in the app but when I click on it, I get a quick popup that says “App not support BLE Device”. I have an Asus Android 7 tablet so is it just too old? I had no idea there were restrictions if that were the case. I’m hoping someone knows if there’s a setting that’s causing this?

Thank you

May I know the app you are using is INKBIRD smart app, INKBIRD pro app or INKBIRD app?
If you reconnect the ITC-308-WIFI and check it on your phone, does it pop up the same notification?
Is it possible to provide a screenshot of it?

I had the same issue…
This is the second 308wifi that I have purchased - the first one seemed to have burned out…
Anyway, the app I had used for the previous (same model) device was InkbirdSmart – and I even had the 308 still listed (offline obvi) in the app… but when I added THIS 308 (same model) it threw that BLE error like it was thinking it was a BT-only device? I do have one of those but that was not what I was adding.
Your comment above about which app got me to RTFM and it looks like the ‘Inkbird’ app, rather than the ‘Inkbird Smart’ app, works…
I wonder what happened… I still have the old one – maybe I’ll check serial numbers as they’re prolly different versions of the same thing? weird tho.

Could you please let me know the phone model?
There may be a problem with the Inkbird smart app.
If possible, please use the INKBIRD app, the Inkbird smart app will be discontinued in the future.

i have a samsung s22 ultra. i just bought my 4th inkbird 308 wireless device from Amazon. they are all the exact same device as i simply did a reorder of what i purchased in the past. As others have mentioned, the inkbird pro app works, but the smart app doesnt work for this new device. the previous 3 devices continue to work. i get the exact same error that others have described above.

Please use the INKBIRD app.
The Inkbird pro app and Inkbird smart app are planned to be discontinued and stop updating in the future.

I had the same issue adding another ITC-308 wifi device. I then installed Inkbird PRO. Solved the problem.

I have the same issues : 5 ITC-308 connected with the InkBird Smart app. I bought another one, because they are great tools for my needs. When I use my same username/password from the “InkBird Smart app” in the new “InkBird”, I get the message that my username does not work. So I logged in with the gmail-google account, it works… but, by 5 previous ITC-308 are not found in my “InkBird” app.

Question : do I need to remove my 5 ITC-308 from the “InkBird Smart”, then to re-install them in the new app “InkBird” ? Is there a way to transfer them from one app to the new app ?

Claude :slight_smile:

Sorry, if you change the app, please re-register your account and reconnect your devices. Its data cannot be migrated.

Thank you! I have done this and it works.

Question 2 : I do not find INKBIRD in Google home ? Are you withdrawing from Google home ? Will you become matters compatible in the future ?

This feature is still under development.
Currently the INKBIRD app only supports some models to connect to Alexa.

I can not find the Inkbird skill in Alexa. Your instructions are not clear what to do after I go to skills and Games. There is nothing that tells me what skill to install!

Please search for “SmartLife”. Tap “Enable” to enable the Skill.
Then enter the INKBIRD APP account and password, then tap “Link Now” to link your INKBIRD account to enable the Skill.

I already have SmartLife enabled and use it with several other devices but I cannot find a “Link Now” selection in the INKBIRD APP.

Also, are there plans to link IBS-M1 in the future?

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From “Tania via INKBIRD Community” <>
Date 2/27/2023 2:49:27 AM
Subject [INKBIRD Community] [Questions & Answers] App Not Support BLE Device

Have you downloaded and registered the INKBIRD app?
Is it possible to provide a video of how you connected it to Because it was tested by engineers with no problems.

Please refer to the steps:

IBS-M1 is in planning.

Yes I have installed and registered the inkbird app. I’m not sure what you mean by connecting it to
Here are some screen shots:


Please email the video to
Video please show how you operate in the Alexa app. Please note that the device is not directly connected to the smart life app. Please select skills & games in the Alexa app, search for smart life, then select Enable to use, enter the INKBIRD app account and password.