Migrate to new app

How Ia the correct way to migrate devices to the new app.
Do I hve to remove ll devices and register them again?

I can see my devices in the old app, but not in teh new app. i have tried every possible configuration but nothing works.

There is no description. I habe searched through forums, blogs, manuals,…

I have tried for weeks to get the devices into the new app, but no chance. I am desperate.

Maybe its best to turn them off and get something else.

Why do companies always exchnage something so that nothing is working? My devices worked for the past few years and now they are gone.

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May I know what product you are using?
The old APP can continue to be used, but it cannot be updated.
Since multiple apps may cause confusion in the past, INKBIRD app is designed to integrate multiple devices.
Sorry if the APP needs to be changed, the device needs to be reconnected.

I Have the same problem, any of my devices from Inkbird Pro APP are not visible under the same account in the Inkbird app.
the devices are : ITC-308 , IBS-M1 and Sous vide

Sorry, after changing the app, the device needs to be reconnected.