Inkbird pro v inkbird app

Just got a new device (co2w) and it dosnt work with the pro app.

So figured id move the other devices over to the new app.

So much of the functionality has been removed. Readings on the home page gone, just shows online.
Reordering devices on the home pages dosnt work, they just revert to any order they like.
Automations cant be renamed they just pick up info from the settings and call it that. Rename and save just dosnt save it.
Graphs aren’t as easy to see and adjust views.

Any idea when the functions that have been removed will be added?

Or do i have to just transfer all the devices back to get them to display and function properly?

Please use the INKBIRD app, which is based on the Inkbird pro app upgrade. The Inkbird pro app does not support INK-CO2W.
In the future, the Inkbird pro app will be discontinued.

When will the features of the pro app arrive in the inkbird app?

Currently, it feels like a downgrade and ill be swapping all the temperature and humidity controllers back to the pro app. Co2 will have to stay on the inkbird

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So swapped everything apart from the co2 sensor back to the pro app, functionality restored.

I like the feel of the new app hopefully it will be as feature rich like the pro app soon.

Is there any estimated time frame to have the functions added to the new app?

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I contacted the engineer. Some of the features are already being planned. But because there are many aspects involved, sorry there is no specific time frame for completion.

Just recieved notification from the pro app that its going to be taken offline in may.

Does this mean that it wont be available to download anymore or does it mean that it will stop collecting and displaying data from the installed sensors?

I ask as the new app is still missing some of the basic functions that the pro app has

The Inkbird pro app will no longer be available for download, the functions of the downloaded Inkbird pro app can continue to be used, but it will not be updated.

It would be wise to discontinue the app only once its good features are ported over to the new app.