Using the pid with food probes

So today I fired up the Traeger and used the Inkbird BT-6SX with the PID probe in #2. When it was time to add food I inserted two food probes which showed up on 3 &4 & with PID in 2 it would not show any temperature until I unplugged the other two. Is this the way it works?

Are you using the original IBT-6XS probe?
If you swap probes and plug another probe into port 2 to test it, does it have the same problem?
If yes, please provide photos/video of this problem and the order information to, my colleague will provide after sales service.
Thank you!

I discovered y it’s not working. It’s gremlins!!!

Thank you

Tania, I meant to say it’s working but I don’t know why so I’m blaming the gremlins who live in my house.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: If you have other needs, please feel free to let me know or contact
Have a nice day.