Little disappointed with Inkbird INT-11P-B

Inkbird is known for their keen innovations which is why I’m a bit disappointed with this probe. 1. To make this a game changer, it would have been great if this had the ability to tether or connect to another device to expand the coverage. 2. Most probes now have the ability to allow owners to check the progress of the cook from anywhere based on the cloud. The company which created the original wireless probe (I won’t mention their name here and I think their probe is inferior in quality) has this ability. This seems to be the standard. 3. Perhaps I should have looked closer, but this is not an instant read thermometer. It’s actually quite slow. I have a few Inkbird products and I just assumed that its instant. I conducted the ice water test and it took nearly 40 seconds to get to 32*. In the BBQ world, that’s really slow. Sorry to complain. Other than what I observed, it really is a decent thermometer but it could be better.

I’m not tickled with the miniature instruction book. On my test run, verified with the Ibb-4T the ambient temp was way off. it was lo but neared core as the meatt got warmer. I requested a .pdf, version of he instructions and got no reply.

Sorry to disappoint you. Engineers are planning the WIFI version, it is still in the development stage, please kindly understand.
Regarding the response time of the probe, since the INT-11P-B probe is relatively large, its heat transfer will be slower and the temperature response will be slower; while the wired probe is thinner and the heat transfer will be faster.
When grilling, the temperature changes are relatively even and slow. Under normal circumstances it will not affect use. But I will feed this back to the engineers as a suggestion.

I’ve tried twice. the internal was fairly accurate compared to my i bb-4t probe. thr ambient temp was horribly off. Of course reading a postage stamp size manual didn’t help. Ambient temp got closer, the hotter the ,meat got. I too emailed support for a pdf manual as there’s not one i could find in th downloads. I feel for the guy that relies on this for internal and grate level temps without a safety net.

May I know if the IBBQ-4T probe is placed near the INT-11P-B as an ambient probe?
Is it possible to know what the ambient temperature readings are for the IBBQ-4T and INT-11P-B?
Any photos of them installed and used would be greatly appreciated.
I will send these details to the engineers, which may help us improve the product.