Temperature Calibration on the ISV-100W

Hey guys, just got my ISV-100W and started my first cook for it. I just happened to check the temperature of the water and noticed that it was off by 5 degrees.

I followed the temperature calibration guide in the instruction manual but it doesn’t seem to do anything. After calibratiing the temperature to +5, if i set the cook temp to 135F, should my unit:

A) heat up to 140F to account for the +5
B) should heat up to 135F as this now accounts for the +5 it is off by?

Right now, the water heats up to the screen reading 135F, but it’s still off by 5 degrees. Is there a way to ‘lock in’ this +5?

I must be doing something wrong here and any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Please check if the calibration value is saved successfully.
The setting of the calibration value will affect the display of the current reading.
For example, the current reading is 135F, after setting the calibration value to 5 and saving it, its reading will change to 140F.