Support number please

Need a warranty replacement for my INKBIRD. Water intrusion due to a rain shower while bbqing. Has rendered the unit unusable.

Putting it in rice for 2 days has not remedied the issue.

Tried emailing, contact form, no response.

Looking for a telephone #… it’s a big red flag when a company doesn’t have a phone # listed and the only contact is via ignored media.

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Please email with your order information, and a picture of the product.
Please whitelist if possible.
Some email systems may block it or classify it as spam.

I did that, yet again. (4th time I think now)

I’ve dealt with warranties in corporate IT for much of the last 20 years of my career. Their silence is deafening.

They aren’t caught by my spam filter.

I did receive a reply from them today. Not sure if this thread prompted a search for the delinquent email, but hopefully the dialogue will continue. I just need to figure out if this is a me problem or if they’ll stand behind their product.

Please understand that they are responding to messages in order. Sometimes there may be cross-departmental communication, which may take time.
I would also contact them to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

I understand. I work in a technical support role as well. Setting expectations and regular communication helps alleviate the frustration users/customers feel while the wheels are turning in the back end.

I’m hopeful the traction I see will continue.

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Feeling ignored again.

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INKBIRD fixed my issue and made it right.

I think it’s important to know that the devices are not designed to be water proof, even though they’re meant to be outside. When you don’t have a covered cook area, exposure to weather and water is inevitable. I’ll be putting my device in a ziplock bag and sticking then probe leads through the bag for future cooks I guess.

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