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Does anyone know how to contact customer support. I have been trying to contact customer support for over a month. I have used the warranty support page on the website and have also sent email directly to WiFi ITC-308. Purchased Dec 1.2021. Order #111-6033026-5325052. Unit no longer measures temp correctly. Large random swings up to 104 deg F. I have submitted several requests but have not received any response. Your assistance/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, GH

I contacted my colleagues and they replied that they had replied to you on the 1st of November and the 4th of November. If you have not received a reply, this situation may have been blocked by your email system. Maybe you could whitelist or use another email address to contact?

Hello Tania,

I sent the following email to


I have tried to contact customer support several times without success. Through the inkbird community moderator, Tania, I learned that you have attempted to contact me twice with no success.

I am sending you this note via a different email address. Please try to respond to this message using,, as my email address. There seems to be something wrong when you use my normal email address. I have not been able to find your previous messages in my main, spam, or trash folders.

Thanks for working with me on this item.

Tania, I will let you know if I receive an email at the alternate address. Thanks for your help with this issue. GH

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