Technical Support

How do you get inkbird technical support to respond? I’ve had an email into them for a week now and no response. With this level of customer support, i cannot recommend inkbird products and will be searching elsewhere for BBQ temperature monitoring and control products.

I contacted support to investigate and they replied that they have responded to your email 2 times.
If you don’t receive a reply, please check the spam, email limit, and whitelist in your email system.
Please understand that some email systems may filter emails from support.

You are correct that they have sent me two emails neither fully addressed or helped with my issue. It took multiple days for them to respond. I do not have time to waste on slow responses. I have purchased a different product from a different manufacturer and they have much better customer service.

Sorry, please understand that different problems take different times. Some problems may involve more aspects and may require more time to troubleshoot. They are inseparable from the cooperation of customers.
Since support hasn’t heard back from you, they can’t confirm at which step the problem occurred, which may make it harder to develop a follow-up solution.