Warranty Issues

Ordered Ink Bird model IBBQ-4T Thermometer November 2023. 1 of the probes starting reading way too high. 100+ degrees. Ambient temp. showing 180+. Filled out form. 1st reply was to try to recalibrate probe. Did so per instructions. Probe still bad . Still reading high temps . Replied that recalibration didn’t help. My 2nd reply was “probe probably bad”. “Contact seller for return or exchange” . My question is why doesn’t Ink Bird stand by their products. Why have warranty if not going to fulfill warranty? My 1st Ink Bird product purchased. Maybe others have had good experiences with warranty issues. As for me. Will not buy any Ink Bird products again. Very poor customer service, in my case. :-1::rage:

Please understand that IBBQ-4T has a 1-year warranty and it needs to be traced back to the sales platform for replacement.
If the product is purchased through unofficial channels/third parties, it is difficult to directly confirm the warranty time and contact store personnel for replacement. Since there are transaction records, sales platforms/sellers will pay more attention to customer messages, this is why customer service recommends customers to contact the seller directly.
If the product is purchased through official channels, customer service can directly contact the relevant personnel to confirm the warranty time and arrange replacements. It will take less time than buying from unofficial channels/third parties. If possible, please purchase products through official channels.
Sorry for the inconvenience.