Inkbird digital thermometer

Recently after 1 month purchase my inkbird thermometer started acting up. Temperature reading fluctuating up to.98 degrees. I ise this in my aquarium so i can keep an eye out for any Temperature dips or rises. I do have a backup and the back up im my sump read 77° .
I pulled the probe out and set it in another tank and it still read 98°. Left it out in the ambient air and it read 67°. Which my home is not that temp. Wrote to inkbird customer service asking why its doing this and what type of warranty this has and i was simple told to go read an article on how to calibrate it? Do they know that most devices get calibrated when purchased? And what kind of response is that? Why wouldn’t they ask me first if i had calibrated it? Do they think their customers are all IDIOTS? Like them!!!. Inwill never purchase another inkbird product again. Or will I refer it to anyone on my channel!.
I went and purchased a $10 lcd thermometer and its working flawless.

Sorry for your bad experience.
The INKBIRD thermometers are factory calibrated and come with a 1 year warranty.
The probes are subject to wear and tear during use, which may cause deviations in the readings. Since the sensor has a calibration function, my colleague may want to try to fix it with the calibration settings. If the product is still faulty, please let us know and we do carry out an after-sales process.
Customer satisfaction is our goal. I am sorry that the customer service communication process has brought you unpleasantness. I will also be in touch with my colleague regarding this issue.
Sorry again.

That was the impression i was unde. But according to INKBIRD this device is only 1 month old and they will not honor the warranty
I can send you copies of the emails

This is so unprofessional of this company. I was sent an email telling me to go read an article on calibrating my device? Really? This has nothing to do with calibration. If you don’t want to honor the warranty just say so. If you don’t want to stand behind your products just have the balls to says so.
This is a defected product! Period!.
Shame on you!
I will not be purchasing any of your products again.
Keep my money and burn in hell!

Sorry for inconvenience.
Do you mean that only the external probe have problem?

Please provide your amazon order number, we need your order information to provide you with after-sales service.

This may be a misunderstanding in communication. Please understand that our after-sales process requires some details to confirm product issues, and we will confirm warranty time through order information.
Because some problems involve many aspects, such as operational mistakes that may also lead to functional errors, sending a replacement directly without confirming the error is likely to result in the same problem again. In order to avoid errors caused by non-product problems and to waste more time of the customer in subsequent troubleshooting, my colleagues may ask more questions upfront to locate the source of the product problem, which is not meant to deny the warranty. If we can get the customer’s cooperation, our after-sales process is fast once the product problem and warranty information are confirmed.
If possible, please provide details of the problem and order information, which can help us complete the after-sales process faster.

I provided them with all details possible. And every time I get a reaponse with another task.
The device is faulty, PERIOD.
I already purchased another digital thermometer as I need a display of temperature for my aquarium atb1/3 the price and 0 headaches. Inkbird can keep my money. But as I mentioned in the forum I will no longer purchase any Inkbird products nor will I ever recommend them. The customer service is garbage, unprofessional and definitely does not stand behind their products!

I got in touch with my colleague and found out what happened.
In the beginning email, you only mentioned that there was a problem with the temperature reading. Please understand that the IBS-TH1 PLUS has 2 probes. In its body it has built-in temperature and humidity probes, and it can insert an external temperature probe. IBS-TH1 PLUS has a ±50 degree calibration function.
In the process of use, the probe will be worn out, and sometimes it can be solved by the calibration function. Because your deviation is within the calibration range and you did not mention that you have tried to calibrate, my colleague provided the calibration details and suggested to use the calibration function.
If calibration does not help, the next step is for them to confirm which probe is the problem and perform warranty service. During the email communication, because of the incomplete access to information, my colleague had to keep confirming if only the external probe was faulty and asked explicitly if it was possible to get the order information for after-sales service. At this step, it was nearing the end of the after-sales process.
In the latest email, you indicate that you will test if it is the external probe that is faulty, but still no valid order information has been provided. Please understand that they need to get the order information in order to determine the warranty.
If you have determined that it is only the external probe that is faulty, please let my colleague know and provide the relevant order information so that they can proceed with a quick after-sales service.
I understand your eagerness to obtain a warranty. But please understand that a good after-sales service cannot be achieved without the cooperation of the customer. It is not for nothing that INKBIRD has been praised by many customers during its development. If possible, please provide relevant information, maybe this problem can be successfully concluded, and maybe you will even find that INKBIRD is not as bad as you think.

Alright When I get home from work I will re calibrate again. What i was trying to explain to Customer service is even when I removed the external probe it still read crazy temps. but I am willing to try to correct this problem if it can be. Thank you for your kindness.

Ok, please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.
Have a nice day :smile:.