Inkbird Pro temp sensor extremely off temp

I have an Inkbird Pro IBBQ-4T. I have used it twice now and both tine one of the sensors has been over 100°f too high. When i plug it in and turn on in my kitchen, it reads that current room temp is 177°. I moved it to my smoker and when other sensors are showing the smoker at 280°, it is reading above 400°. This sensor is obviously faulty or needs to be calibrated somehow. Is it possible to calibrate a sensor?

The IBBQ-4T can be calibrated to a range of ±12°F/ ±7°C. The 10C deviation exceeds the calibration range setting.
Please put the probe and the probe’s cable (excluding the probe’s plug) in an oven at 150C (302 F) for 30 minutes and then test with boiling water (please hang the probe so that it does not touch the container). Does it work?

Please note that the cable of the probe (silver wire) is not waterproof. Please do not immerse the cable in the water when washing the temperature probe.
Otherwise, it will show an incorrect temperature if there is water in the cable.
Please do not put the probe/the probe’s cable in the fire or in a place where the temperature is higher than 250C/482F. Otherwise, the probe and cable will be damaged.