Sensor wont connect/also get Temp alert message

Sometimes sensor wont connect to my iPhone 11 and I have to remove the batteries even though they are new and fully charged. Once I do this the sensor will then re-connect.
Also I get a Temperature Alert message on my phone that the greenhouse has an unsuitable temperature, even though the temperature is above the minimum and below the maximum settings. Unfortunately because I am a new member I can only show one screen shot, otherwise I could show under calibrations what my min & max temps are…
Thanks. Rob.

If you place your phone next to the sensor, can they connect directly? Please make sure the phone is not connected to another Bluetooth device.
About the alarm, maybe you can check the history data, maybe its temperature ever exceeded the alert range? Because of the Bluetooth distance limitation, if the sensor ever triggered an alarm while disconnected, it may show the alarm notification after the phone is reconnected.

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Thanks. It’s possible that my iphone did have another Bluetooth device attached as I sometimes play music through ear buds also. I’m hoping when I remove the batteries this in fact turns off the Bluetooth & that possibly is the reason the Inkbird sensor isn’t recognized. I will keep that in mind if the same problem arises.
The temp alert warning makes sense as I did get a warning earlier because the temperature went over settings. Thanks again.
Cheers. Rob.

Update re: Sensor not recognized…I discovered that because my iWatch series 5 is always paired to my iphone, the Inkbird sensor won’t connect if I am listening to music. The work around is that BEFORE I play/listen to music, I connect sensor to iphone FIRST via Bluetooth, THEN play the music…this seems to work…I hope it does because it is frustrating to have to remove the batteries from the sensor as described in an earlier post…BTW… what’s the chance of Inkbird teckies designing an app that will work on the iwatch?..just asking…cheers…Rob

I communicated with the engineer and they replied that because the phone can only connect to one Bluetooth device, the sensor and other Bluetooth devices cannot be connected at the same time.
About developing an app in iwatch that can connect to the sensor, it is not in the plan yet and the engineers need to discuss it.

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Thank you. Take care. :grin::sunflower::canada::pray:

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