Q: IBS-TH1 won’t connect the phone

A: There is no need to enter the pairing code when you connected it, you just need to turn on the Bluetooth and connect the APP.

You don’t need to enter the Bluetooth matching interface.

Could you please open the Bluetooth & location permission?

① Please confirm that the battery is placed correctly.

② Clean all Bluetooth devices on your phone, like Bluetooth earphones.

③ Please uninstall and reinstall the APP.

④ If possible, please change another phone for a try.

My sensor connected once to my phone (out of the box), then never again. I deleted the app and reinstalled. I removed batteries from the sensor and reinstalled. I won’t clean all bluetooth devices from my phone, or go to another device, as these aren’t reasonable expectations of the manufacturer of a bluetooth device. I wouldn’t keep this device if it doesn’t connect with my phone regularly (iPhone XR). The sensor does show temp and humidity and it has fresh batteries. Any other recommendations, or should I return it?

Could you please let me know the model of the sensor? Is it IBS-TH1?
Is the location function of the phone turned on?
Please refer to this post: