Rain sensor and app


I understood that the app does not show the status of the rain sensor which is very annoying. It’s a really easy feature to add to the app. Could you please update it as soon as possible?

Thanks a lot

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Sorry, due to hardware limitations, it would be more involved to change this feature. Please understand that engineers still need time to explore the feasibility of adding this feature.

This is quite strange cause the app knows that it’s raining as the irrigation is correctly stopped. So if it can stop the irrigation, it can also display the status of the sensor.

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Please understand that because the current version of IIC-600-WIFI/ IIC-800-WIFI port will not recognise if the rain sensor is connected, it can be considered as a signal receiver. It will only recognise that the rain sensor is connected and skip the irrigation if it receives a rain signal. But for the next irrigation it will not be able to tell if the rain sensor stays connected or not. Therefore, if the app is to accurately display the status of the rain sensor, it is necessary to make various considerations. Sorry.

Tania thanks. Still, I work in a similar field and I’m pretty sure it’s feasible. I’ve tested that when there is rain the app stops the irrigation. So it has the signal and uses it.
I’m disappointed that you cannot implement such simple feature. I think I will return the device.


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Sorry it doesn’t meet your needs :cry:.
Please understand that engineers are trying their best to meet customer needs. Many app feature updates are based on customer suggestions.
But some functions are not as simple as imagined, and it takes time.
Sorry again.