IIC-800-WIFI Rain Skip

Hi, I’m wanting to buy this Smart Irrigation Controller.

If you don’t have a rain sensor, but want to Skip it watering all the zones, is there an easy way to do that?

Also, can it use local weather observation, so rather than getting a rain sensor, using the internet to get the data on whether to Skip watering?

And I just saw here that it can’t run the zones in parallel, is that right?


If you don’t have a rain sensor, but want to skip it watering all the zones, please manually adjust the settings of the corresponding zone through the app.
It can’t judge whether to skip irrigation by weather function.
Sorry, it can only have one zone on at a time.

Thanks for the response, Tania.

Firstly, that could be a feature request then, it’d be good to allow it to skip watering if say more than 10mm fell in the last 24 hours of observation data.

Secondly, what about if it’s going to be hot and you want to water everyday instead of every second day for instance? maybe it’d be good to be able to have Customisable schedules, say one when Cold/Wet, one when Normal temps, one when Hot/Dry for instance? Seasonal adjustments just add more or less water, but not more or fewer days. So another potential Feature Request?

Finally, it’s a bit annoying to find out that you can’t run zones in parallel, as there’s nothing indicating this in the product details and even the manual says you can schedule multiple zones at the same time. Surely, all that is required is an adaptor to output a little more amperage to hold the solenoids open?

Thanks for the advice. Currently the IIC-800-WIFI is not able to fulfil these requirements, I will pass them on to the engineers and perhaps they can consider optimising the product in the future.

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Thanks Tania, appreciated.

Dont turning the power off in the settings menu work as a manual rain delay?