[FEATURE REQUEST] IIC-600-WIFI - Different Run Time per Start Times

I just received the IIC-600-WIFI, it seams really cool and will start using soon. One very important feature that is missing in the app: set different irrigation time / start times. This is a very important feature, hopefully you can add it to the software.

For example, Zone 1.

  1. Irrigation starts at 5:00. Scheduled irrigation time is 20 minutes.
  2. Irrigation starts at 12:00. Scheduled irrigation time is the same as 1st run, but I just want a 2 minutes leaf protect on my turf.

Can you please add this feature?

Looking more into the application (Android):
MANUAL MODE would also require an upgrade. It is not possible to set different run times for zones in Multi Mode. This is also not good, as each zone requires different run time.
Also a suggestion: now to set run time for a single zone manual run, one must start the zone and THEN lower the run time. It would be better to set the run times BEFORE starting a given zone or zones.

You can connect me with app devs, I’m more then glad to help with suggestions. I have lot of experience with irrigation.

IIC-600-WIFI can set up to 6 start times in one zone, please select ‘+’ to add.

Yes, six start times, but each start time will have the same Scheduled Irrigation Time!
A professional irrigation device needs different times!
Turf is irrigatated in early morning for 20 minutes and there should be a run of 1 or 2 minutes at noon - called leaf protect.

Sorry, I’ll send it to the engineer as a suggestion.

Thank you! As I suggested, perhaps you can connect me with the engineer? I would be glad to help to suggest what is needed + I can do testing as well.
I would like to use quite a lot of these units, but until these functions are missing, it is not really possible.

Any update on this from the engineer? Thank you!

I have fed it back to the engineers, please kindly understand that the engineers need time to discuss whether this feature can be adjusted.
Please feel free to let me know if you have any further suggestions.

Just to follow up on this, if there are any updates from the engineers?
This feature shouls be very important. I maintain quite a lot of turfs, and I started to use your device as it is really great. But this feature would be very much needed. Feel free to connect me with the engineers, if that would help.

Hi! Again, a follow up if there was any feedback from the engineers?
Thank you