IIC-800 wifi different durations on same zone?

Hi, at the moment I’m only using one zone and it runs in the morning 7am and evening at 7pm for 2 minutes, everyday.

I’d like to run 3 minutes in the evening.

The only way I can think to do that is to set the duration to 1 minute and then run it at 7am then again at 7.01 (2 minutes) the at 7pm, 7.01pm & 7.02pm. Is that the only way to set different duration times on a single zone?

Of course there’s a limit of 6 start times per zone ( I don’t know why only 6) but enough to cover it I suppose :grinning:. Also say a 2 minute duration the say a 4 minute duration would only use 3 of the 6 available. :rofl:

Sorry, the duration times of the same zone are fixed :cry:.
Engineers may optimize this feature in future models.

Ok thanks but that would be an obvious and relatively simple update I would think. I hope they implement it soon :grinning::+1::pray::crossed_fingers:

I’m sure most users would appreciate that simple addition

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It seems no works to improve this product.
I woul like to see it working with Google Home and Home Assistant.
But yes I’m dreaming.