IIC-800-Wifi - Manual Mode Default Watering Time

Why is the default watering time in Manual Mode always set to 180 minutes? This is probably not what you want in the vast majority of cases.
In my opinion it would be better to remember the last value used per zone and use it for a new manual watering.

Alternatively, you could offer the option to set the default value yourself in the settings.

Or you could use the value set for automatic watering as the value for manual watering.


Sorry manual mode doesn’t have these features. I will collect your suggestions and let the engineers know.

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Thank you, Tania.

I hope that the feedback from the community will be taken into account and that there will be an update to the app soon.

Another point to the Manual Mode:
It is also incomprehensible why the watering time for the active zone can only be set in manual mode.
For example:
I start zone 1 manually and set the time to 20 minutes. So far, so good.
Now I want zone 2 to water for 30 minutes. However, I cannot set this because the input is blocked while zone 1 is still watering.
I don’t understand why I can’t set the time there.

Not only the community, but any feedback through official INKBIRD channels will be collected and submitted to the engineers. Please believe that engineers will listen to the voices from users.
However, some functions involve many aspects and will be limited in implementation, so not every requirement can be updated immediately. Please understand :rose:.
Regarding manual settings, because IIC-800-WIFI can only turn on one zone at the same time. If the irrigation of zone 1 is not completed, starting zone 2 and setting it up will be a conflict, so it will be blocked.

It ist OK that only one Zone can be started at the same time. That’s not the Point.
I only want to queue the next zone with a custom watering time.
At the Moment, I can queue the next zone but cannot change the time. So, it ist always queued with 180 minutes.

While I support the request for ability to set a default run time lower than 180 minutes I offer the following comment.
Correct me if I am wrong but there is an ability to use the “ multi- zones” option and set a more appropriate runtime for selected zones.

But with the “Multi-Zones” Feature you can only set the same watering-time for all selected zones.

It is not possible to queue several zones with different watering times.