IIC-600/IIC-800 Max watering time

I would like to know the maximum run/watering time for any zone and is it the same for auto and manual modes?
I wish to control 4 watering zones as well as my garden lights at night. The lights are 24VAC but are controlled by a relay so the Inkbird will not need to switch the lights directly, just the relay coil current.
Also, as a matter of interest, what type of switching device is used to operate the valves? Relay/SSR/Triac?

The maximum irrigation time that can be set for a zone is 180 minutes. Auto and manual modes are not the same. The scheduled irrigation time may vary depending on the seasonal adjustment values, if the seasonal adjustment value is set to the maximum, the irrigation time in automatic mode is possible to reach 360 minutes.
Perhaps you could refer to:

The type of switching device is triac.

Great, thanks for your detailed answer.