Irrigation schedule with IIC-800-WiFi: next problem

After our first and big problem with the irrigation scheme has been solved thanks to the great help by Alejandro (Alexander), the next one arises. We want iirigation of all zones on weekdays (Mo through Fri) starting at 8.00, at 12.00 ,and and 23.00 ( No problem. On the two weekend days, irrigation should be executed only at 8.00 and at 23.00 but not at 12.00. How to program this? It cannot be an unusual problem that irrigation should take place everyday but at different times of the day, dependent on the weekday. Thanks for any help!

While I understand that it would be nice to have that feature to my knowledge of the unit you can’t do it!
So I would go to a hardware store and purchase a week programable power timer and turn the whole Inkbird unit off for say a hour just prior to the 1200 setting for Saturday and Sunday. The Inkbird will not loose its settings as it retains them. Its like a power outage.

Thank you. Your response fits to what we have figured in the meantime. It seems that one has to buy and install a further electronic device to perform simple actions on a programmable irrigator. Imagine the effect on potential customers when this information is added to the description of the IIC-800-WiFi on the product page on It is a shame that such a neat little device like the IIC is run by a software like the Inkbird app which is not only flawed but moreover lacks essential features. In my opinion, the app suffers from a non-satisfactory principal design, to say the least. The responsible programmers cannot be proud of their work. With some enthusiasm, they would certainly quickly react to the customers’ demands, problems, and suggestions found here and elesewhere. Any comments from Tania or other people from Inkbird lurking around? Are they happy with what they provide to the customers?
By the way, we will not let power off the Irrigator completely (like a power outage) but instead go to one of the rain sensor lines. A programmable device will interrupt this line on Sunday afternoon, thus pretending it rains which prevents scheduled watering temporarily while still enabling “manual” operation with the app. You need a device with potential-free (dry) input and output connections. A Shelly P1 mini will do the job. 8 Shellies plus a 20 V AC power supply could do the complete job of the inkbird (and a better job thank to the Shelly software that includes an API) but hardware-wise, the inkbird is much nicer.

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Sorry, IIC-800-WIFI supports limited functions.
We are constantly collecting feedback and sending it to engineers, and some features may be implemented in new models in the future.
Regarding the settings of IIC-800-WIFI, maybe you could refer to:

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