Scheduled mode not working

Scheduled mode not working
I recently installed an Inkbird IIC-600-WIFI sprinkler controller. The device works alright in the manual mode, but doesn’t start zones in the scheduled mode, although already programmed. In manual mode only light corresponding to the zone in operation is on, but in the scheduled mode lights keep flashing sequentially (as if nothing were programmed) and no zone is open. Any idea on the issue?

If the green light will flash in sequence, it means that it has not reached the scheduled watering time, please check whether the time setting is correct.
If irrigation is on, its corresponding zone indicator light will be permanently lit.

Hello Tania,

For sure the first thing I checked was the time setting, and it is alright (time zone Madrid, Western Europe), but the irrigation does not start.

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Does the top right corner show the start time?

If possible, please provide a video of this problem and email Please show that the app shows that the irrigation time is reached and the zone is turned on, but the IIC-600-WIFI does not work.
Besides, please check if the seasonal adjustment function is set. If the seasonal adjustment function is set, the irrigation time will be increased/decreased automatically.

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Hi Tania,

Here some screenshots. You can see local time in the top left corner. Sequence correspons to 2 minutes before scheduled time, when time is reached, and some minutes after. Light keep flashing all the time.

Rain sensor is turned off, seasonal adjusment is ok. Pump and valves are also ok, as system works alright in manual mode.

Thank you for your information.
If you delete the IIC-600-WIFI from the app and pair it again, will its scheduled mode work? This is equivalent to resetting the WIFI function, which can help us rule out whether this is the cause of the problem.
If you still have the problem after re-connecting the device, please provide the device ID of IIC-600-WIFI.
It can be copied via the ‘…’.


In fact, I have already installed two units of this model, as the first does not work. After removing the first device I have the same issue with the second, whose ID is bfbd9a88374dc45fcf9pav

Just to confirm, will they work if the first one is re-connected?
Or do both units have this problem now?

The engineer inquired through the device ID, and they found that you performed manual irrigation before the scheduled irrigation?
Please understand that there is a time wait for scheduled irrigation to take effect, if manual irrigation is performed during this time, a conflict may occur.
Please do not perform the operation after setting up the scheduled irrigation. Please observe if it will work?

I have performed lots of tests searching the possible misconfigurations from my side. But no case. I have finally given up and returned both devices.

Thank you for your support.

Sorry to hear that. This is a rare issue and the engineers are unable to reproduce this problem at this time, but they will try to test as much as they can.