Smart Sprinkler Controller IIC-600-WIFI: green lights

Hi all, after connecting the adapter all the light of the IIC-600 flashing green alternatively and the wifi light is red (correct). It’s normal that the light continue to flash after finish all the setting ad the sprinkler normally works? I think only the current zone/sensor must be solid green when activating.
many thx

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The green light is solid if the zone is active. Is it still showing alternately?
Is it possible to send a video to

Dear all attached the video.

(Attachment inkbirdIIC-600-230430.mp4 is missing)

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dear all attached the video (flashing green light)

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Just to confirm, which zone is actually switched on?
Does the APP shows that it is on?
Is it possible to provide the phone model, and a video or screenshot of the app showing the area on?

The video is made when no zone are active.
The sprinkler works well (both manual and scheduled) but the light flash always as in the video.
Samsung s23.

If possible, please provide a video showing that the green light is still flashing when the zone is turned on. I will contact the engineers to check.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Mine is also doing the same thing. Was there a resolution to this?

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The same here!! No zone active, leds blinking in cycle mode.
Ic a zone is turned on, the green light is on for the right zone.
Any update?

Please understand that this is normal. It is not a product issue.
If no zone is active, the green light will flash cyclically.
If one of the zones is turned on, the corresponding zone indicator will remain lit.

@Tania , thanks for the reply.
I think it would be usefull tha ability to enable and disable this cycle mode.
IMHO, it’s useless and uses just power…

Thanks for your suggestion, I will send it to the engineers.

Yes, the same “problem” by me. It looks like lalways Las Vegas: why Ink Bird make the led alway blinking in Standby?
One problem more: In the Istruction is not writen that the all the cable are to be disconnected, otherwise no wifi first connection
And, could we speak about the softtware?
Why there is no indication of tthe rain sensor working (wet)? An Umbrella sign could be enough…
Why i cannot make 2/3 different Complete Programming, while i have only 1 Chanche??
Whz is it not possible to start a Program at f.Ex. 19.45??

I would also support this option. There is absolutely no need for cycle mode of green lights. Or least add an option to turn off cycle mode.