Schedule with IIC-800-WIFI problem

Hello. I tell you the problem I have.
I have configured the agendas for 6 irrigation zones.
Initially, when I opened the app I could see the agendas with the days and times. Now when I open the app, the calendar appears as if I had not configured any zones. The strange thing is that the zones turn on and off at the times, just as I had configured them.
On occasions and on a random basis, information about an irrigation zone appears in the agenda.
What could be the problem?
Thank you

Hi Alejandro, I am probably not the best person to answer your question, but since noone else seems to respond: The first thought is that you removed the green dot by sliding it to the left, when it turns into a grey minus sign. However, then the irrigation should not start any more You told us that it does. Therefore, it seems likely to me that your Inkbird has the normal connection to the internet and the Inkbird cloud, whereas your phone sometime loses the connection or does not get the complete information from there and thus cannot work properly. An indication for such a problem could be when you do not correctly see in the upper right corner of the app the notification about the on/off state of the device and the upcoming or present irrigation. Weak internet would also explain that the mistake occurs occasionally but nor regularly. Best wishes --A.