IIC-800 wifi - manually switch on with app problem

Hi, I have an issue with my IIC-800 wifi. I’ve only just set it up and I didn’t have any issues but lately when I wanted to run it manually from the app when I pressed the Zone 1 manual on button it turned on ( switch slid and turned green) but then went back to the off state by itself and the irrigation was running! I could no longer press the same button as it was greyed out. I had to go to the actual controller and press the off button to stop it.

I’m hoping someone might have had this issue and has a fix :pray::smiling_face:

Please check if the INKBIRD app is the latest version?
Is it possible to provide order information, mobile phone model, problem video, and device ID of IIC-800-WIFI to email support@inkbird.com?
The device ID can be viewed and copied through the INKBIRD app → IIC-800-WIFI → ‘…’ in the upper right corner → More → Device Information.
Engineers can make a preliminary inspection of this.

Hi thanks for replying. Here’s the info;

ebe61d98a8542c03e2svqd. iPhone 11 Pro OS 17.3.1

Latest version on app and Inkbird unit.
I just tested it again to see if working and it’s back to being able to turn manual on and “off” now. Maybe it was some glitch that’s sorted itself out. Hopefully it won’t return :crossed_fingers::grinning::+1:

I tried to upload a video but your system won’t accept my iPad video format :thinking::disappointed:

If possible, please send it to email support@inkbird.com.
Because the forum has format restrictions, some files may not be uploaded.