Q: The current temperature has reached the heating value and the work indicator is lit, but there is no heating output

A: 1. Check the power of the heating equipment (voltage and watt), too much power may lead to equipment damage;

2.plug the heating device into an electrical outlet to see if it can be turned on properly, if not it is a bad heater

3.Check whether the heating device has a built-in thermostat, it cannot be turned on without a built-in thermostat

  1. Confirm that the power on the app is set to on.

Step 1:

Do you mean when current temperature is equal to or lower than the heating start value, the work indicator is on, but the controller will not turn on the heating outlet?

Could you please let me know the voltage and watt of the heater?

If plug the heater to the wall socket without ITC-306A, can it work properly?

Does the heater have a built-in thermostat?

Please make sure the power setting on the app is on.

If the heater has a built-in thermostat, the temperature control range of it needs to be set larger than the ITC-306A Wi-Fi.

For example:

If your heater has a built-in thermostat, please set heater turn on temperature value lower than the inkbird controller turn on setting value, the heater turn off temperature value higher than the inkbird controller turn off setting value.

If the temperature control range you want is from 23°C to 25°C. Then set inkbird controller as 23°C~25°C. Then built-in thermostat of heater can be set turn on value: 22°C, turn off value: 26°C.

Step 2:

If the power of the heating device is within range and the built-in thermostat is OK, try the following steps :

Input Power: 100 ~240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

Temperature Control Output: Max. 10A, 100V ~240V AC

  1. Unplug the controller and plug in the heating devices.

  2. Hold the SET button to turn on it

  3. Connect the power supply to power it on, then release Set button within 2 seconds, otherwise it will enter normal mode.

  4. Press the ‘up’ button, please do not press the down button. It will turn on the heating outlets, work indicator light on, are the heaters turned on? (within 2 seconds, otherwise it will enter normal mode)

This is a test mode, it can check if there is a problem with the outlets.