Itc 306a not heating up

I have the inkbird itc-306a controller, have a new heater plugged into it and the temperature is dropping instead of going up. Why

Please check if the settings of ITC-306A are correct?
Does the reading of ITC-306A reach the heating start value? Is the ‘work’ indicator light of ITC-306A on?
Is the heater working?

yes the heater is working brand new. the work light is on but the temperature goes down instead of heating. can you reset back to factory settings?\

Could you please provide the voltage and watt of the heater?
Please test:

  1. Unplug the controller
  2. Hold the ‘SET’ button
  3. Connect the power supply to power it on, then release the ‘SET’ button within 2 seconds.
  4. Press the ‘up’ button, please do not press the down button. It will turn on the heating outlets and ‘work’ indicator. Will the heater be turned on?
    This is a test mode, it can check if there is a problem with the outlets.

Hi Tania

This has been working fine for a long time, it is 120 watt heater.

Hello Tania,

When I follow the instructions and nothing happens. Wifi is blinking to connect and work light is steady

The temperature on the heater is set to 85, currently T1 77.7 and T2 78.2. Current temperature is 73.3 which means the controller is not keeping track and continuous heat will eventually go off and give me E5 error. There is a problem with the controller.

Please make sure that after the heater is powered on, there is no need to turn it on manually.
If the ITC-306A still does not work in test mode, please provide your order information and the link to this post to for after-sales service.