Q&A: What equipment can ITC-308 use?

The ITC-308 can be used with a heater and cooler.
Heater/ cooler must comply with:

  1. The power is in the range of 110V-240V, 10A.
  2. It has no built-in thermostat / built-in thermostat will not affect the control of the ITC-308.
  3. It can be turned on automatically after it is powered on. It does not need to be manually pressed a button to turn it on.
  4. It can be heated/cooled to target temperature when plugged into a power socket alone to work.

I have a saltwater fish tank and I need to control heating as well as cooling. my Question is regarding the ITC-308/wifi metallic probe. Will it rust inside the saltwater tank? what kind of metal is it made of?
ITC-306 seems to be ideal for aquariums because of the plastic probe, however it doesn’t control cooling.

The metal probe of ITC-308 is made of stainless steel.
Just for double protection, if possible, please use a silicone tubing/ heat-shrinkable tube to protect the connection between probe and cable.
Please refer to:

Please clean the probe regularly. We often do a regular customer survey. Based on feedback from customers who have used the probe for more than 2 or 3 years, regular cleaning of the probes is what they have been doing, that’s why we would advise other customers to do the same to protect the probes from damage.

Thanks for replying Tania,
The silicone tubing to completely cover the probe might just do the trick, i just don’t trust salt and metal at all.
Any chance of a future update for the ITC-308/wifi with double plastic probes? the fish tank community would love that! :slight_smile: