ITC-308 settings


I’d like to use the ITC-308 to keep some condition beer from freezing. I have the beer in my garage as it gets very cold there in the winter. So I’m trying to use the ITC-308 just to keep it from freezing, basically in the 35f-40f range. I have a heating mat wrapped around the carboy and nothing plugged into the cooling plug. I’ve tried different configurations of the target and differential settings, but can’t quite get it to stay in the 35-40 range - it’s always above 40. How might I accomplish this?

Do you mean you want to control the heater to maintain 35F~40F through ITC-308?
If yes, please plug the heater into the heating socket and set:
TS=40, HD=5, CF=F, other settings are factory default values.
In addition, please make sure that the heater meets:

  1. The power is within the range of 110V-240V, 10A
  2. No built-in temperature control / built-in temperature control will not affect the control of the ITC-308 controller
  3. It can automatically turn on after power on, it does not need to manually press a button to turn on

The working principle of ITC-308 is:
When the temperature reaches/is lower than TS (temperature setting value)-HD (heating difference value), it will turn on the heater, turn off at TS.
When the temperature reaches/is higher than TS + CD (cooling difference value), it will turn on the cooler, turn off at TS.