ITC308 temp sensor water proof?


Wanting to use an ITC308 to control my chest freezer for a cold plunge. This would require the sensor being submersed in water at the top of the freezer. Would the temp sensor be water proof to a max depth of 0.5m of water?



The probe is waterproof.
Just for double protection, if possible, please use silicone tubing/ heat shrinkable tube to protect the probe.
Please clean the probe regularly with a clean dry rag as this will help extend the life of the probe.

Hi, just wondering if having the shrink wrap still asked the conduction of heat if it is totally enclosed.
I can’t find any info on heat conduction of heat shrink or silicone wrap.
I want to use the inkbird for a keezer and have researched several ways of doing it, one being to paved the probe in a vial of water or vodka (which doesn’t freeze)
If I shrink wrap the probe will it still be accurate?
Or, should I shrink wrap it and leave it hanging in mid air?
Appreciate your thoughts