Can the ITC-306T-WIFI be fitted with an aquarium probe?

I want to use the ITC-306T-WIFI to control the pump for a gas fired heater on my hot tub

I want to use the ITC-306T-WIFI because it has the timer option.

Can it be fitted with the waterproof aquarium probe?


Could you please let me know your country?
The ITC-306T-WIFI with aquatic probe version has been discontinued, but there is still a little stock of US, EU, AU versions.

Thanks Tania.
Iā€™m in the UK

Sorry, the ITC-306T-WIFI with aquatic probe UK version is out of stock.
The metal probe of ITC-306T-WIFI is waterproof, it is possible to put it in the water.
Just for double protection, if possible, please use a silicone tubing/ heat-shrinkable tube to protect the connection between probe and cable.
Please refer to:

Please clean the probe regularly to protect the probe from damage.

Sorry, just one more question. Is the front of the controller splash proof?

If you mean the body of the ITC-306T-WIFI, it is not waterproof/ splash proof.

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