ITC-306T-WIFI ... No Connection. No Control

Not sure if it’s the 306, the APP, the Connection, or what?

306 - Device has been working seamlessly, for months, keeping my frog safe.

Couple of nights ago, it showed a High Temp Alarm: " AH12 1F "

I checked the actual water, with an external thermometer. Water was actually fine, at around 78F. Frog’s fine. Heater / Stat in the tank was fine. Just the 306 having a melt down.

I’ve tried all I can think of.

  1. Unplugged 306. Plugged it back in.

  2. Held down the ‘V’ button.

  3. Held all the buttons, any permutation.

  4. Went to the APP. Got nowhere.

4.A. App says to connect to wifi. / Check wifi. I check. I Have wifi. It’s no longer able to reach my 306.

  1. Deleted the App. Reinstalled the App. Re Registered myself with it.

  2. It mainly seems focused on the App not finding my internet. I get the following cycle:

" Reset Device " / " Confirm Indicator Blinking " < Click that.

" Enter wifi Password ".

I do. Box says " Cancel / Connect ". I hit Connect.

It takes me to my wifi and shows me two networks available. One is 2.4G/5G. Nothing happens. I shut the app down. Reopen and start again.

Everything was fine. Until two nights ago. I glanced round and saw the 306 telling me my frog should be done to a turn. I was sitting in this chair at the time. I hadn’t even Touched the 306 in Weeks, if not months. It just started.

What am I missing, please? Anything I’ve missed out, above? Factory Default Reset would seem the usual idea, here. But, it won’t allow that either. It just reverts to that false alarm " 124F over 77 " as I type.

Probe’s in the water, where it’s always been. Heater’s in there too ~ though now unplugged from the 306 and thus acting autonomously.

Okay; I’m taking the probe Out of that Warm water. Bringing it into a 60F room … Probe now sits at 60F (External thermometer). Water is still 79F. 306 is now 123F / 77F

Help. Please.

If the actual temperature reading is 78F, but the ITC-306T-WIFI triggers a 121F AH alarm, this may be an issue caused by incorrect readings from the probe.
Please dry the probe with a hairdryer and then test the room temperature. Is the reading accurate?
If it still has a deviation of more than 15F, please provide order information, problem photos and problem description to the email for after-sales service.

Thanks, Tania.

Last night, I plugged it back in, having had it unplugged, and the sensor clear of the water, hanging in the air, for almost two weeks? It was then showing 170 over 77. This room was struggling to reach 59, last night. I just don’t know where it’s snatching these figures from.

I’ll get onto the addy ye provided. Shall report back, if there’s anything worth reporting :+1: